June 12, 2016

from by F. Virtue



Additional Vox by Daniel J. W!shington
Produced by Daniel J. W!shington

Mixed and Mastered by Tenacity


Armed with nothing but arms and the warm parts that make us man
We live and love to enjoy life as happily as we can
My heart's red and I have a phone with an unlimited data plan
So I can text my friends or google what I want all in my hand

They've got their index on AK triggers
We have IG open up under our fingers
How does the shooter look through any number of filters
Gut's sick with Ludwig, summer of killers

Do you think some folks just aren't made right
More machine than human being
With minds of great whites and hands of shank knives
Coursing with steam instead of blood, that overheats and break pipes
Given the fulfillment of getting something great when they take lives

Or is it gun control and the laws in state lines
That influence or allow the action of hate crimes
Is it religious fervor a fever fed since age 5
Video games, marijuana, a Marilyn Manson stage dive

News spreads fast through the timeline grape vine
My Facebook friends are news anchors, CNN cant replace vine
Does it taste better when you're told it tastes fine
When the world gives you lemons you just gotta make wine

Is there a true safe space anywhere across the earth
When we experience loss we're at a loss for words
These scribblings can't express the crippling distress these thoughts bring
Or protect our siblings from the singing of the shot's ring

I'm learning to hear sirens like white noise to sleep and relax
And remembering our body's temporary, even our tats
So when these horrifying acts shake our Eden know I fear it too
And that when you bleed, I'm bleeding
Yup, I'm here with you.


from Christopher St Cypher, released June 23, 2016



all rights reserved


F. Virtue New York, New York

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